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Overlaying Cosmetics

Nowadays each woman feels the need to personalize her beauty and a new trend called overlaying or overlapping appeared in the make-up industry. We can find many articles from bloggers explaining how to use in synergy different products and not always from the same brand. As there is no personalized make-up, the only way to achieve the right shade that will match exactly your skin tone, or that will give the right thickness to your eye lashes is to combine products together.

Oxynergy Paris develloped  this concept to skin care creating “interactive cosmetics”. We know that woman appreciate to combine products like lipstick and gloss, overlaying different mascaras etc. and now they can do the same with our skin care products.

Based on this concept we can create personalized skin care products but not only. For example we created different powders formulas that can be mixed together, also the cleansing oil and the toning gel can be mixed to create a cleansing cream!

This is a new concept that gives creativity and flexibility to the products. You can invent and create new beauty rituals.

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