Oxynergy Paris professional & personalized skin care | Professional personalized skin care
Oxynergy Paris is a brand of personalized skin care for professionals. Create your own personalized cream for your skin type and all concerns.
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My Personalized Skin Care

Oxynergy Paris offers an exclusive line of professional skin care and an application to create personalized cosmetics. How does it work?

First you will need to download our application on the apple store or google play. The application will calculate your personalized formulations. In the application just go to “my skin care” and respond to the different questions about your skin type and indications.

At the end of the questionnaire the application will give your results and explain you how to make your personalized skin care products.

  • My serum
  • My cream
  • My mask


MY SERUM: to create your personalized skin care serum you will mix different Power Infuse Serums in certain proportions. There are 11 different Power Infuse Serums and your formula can contains from 3 to 9 different serums. The application will indicate you which serums to use and which dosis of each of them. You simply need to add the doses of each Power Infuse Serum one after one in the specific container My Serum. Agitate the bottle to mix the product and your personalized serum is ready!

MY CREAM: to create your personalized skin care cream you need the cream as indicated by the application. Either the Power Infuse My Cream or the Power Infuse My Cream Rich. You will need to add into the cream 10 dosis of the previously prepared personalized serum MY SERUM. With the provided spatula you just need to mix the cream and the serum together till the personalized cream is smooth and uniform.

MY MASK: to create your personalized masks you need the Power Infuse My Masks as indicated by the application. To prepare one mask you will need 3 dosis of the previously prepared personalized serum MY SERUM, water and one mask. Just mix the water and the personalized serum together and drop one mask in the mix!

Our exclusive concept allow each single person to access the world of the skin care haute couture. Made for your skin only, in few steps, with amazing benefits and results for your skin.

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