Oxynergy Paris professional & personalized skin care | Professional personalised skin care
Oxynergy Paris is a brand of professional and personalised skin care for oxygen infusion.
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Oxynergy Paris

A new generation of professional & personalized skin care

Oxynergy Paris offers an exclusive line of professional skin care and an application to create personalized cosmetics. How does it work? First you will need to download our application on the apple….

The core active ingredient of our line included in each single product boost the kreb’s cycle and activate stem cells. It is based on a blend of amino acids & peptides obtained by gentle hydrolysis of…

Maintaining more luminous skin is dependent upon your body’s unique ability to replace dead skin cells. This vital process of continuous self-renewal depends on the activity of epidermal stem cells…

The Krebs’ cycle is an eloquent and essential system designed to generate large amounts of cellular energy required for life. Disruption of the Krebs’ cycle, whether caused by deficiencies in energy substrates….

Even if the idea of using natural oils to cleanse the skin can sounds strange, it actually makes a lot of sense and it is one of the most gentle way. The basic idea of oil cleansing is to use natural oils in specific….

Nowadays each woman feels the need to personalize her beauty and a new trend called overlaying or overlapping appeared in the make-up industry. We can find many articles from bloggers explaining…

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About Oxynergy Paris

Our brand is unique, stylish like no other one in the world of beauty, we created, designed and developed a new generation of skin care products that respect and fits each skin. Our products are not containing mineral oils, silicones, parabens and other harmful preservatives. We imagined a whole new world of skin care & beauty rituals through innovative and interactive formulas. We created textures, unique products and a breakthrough line of custom professional cosmetics.

E Cream Deep Repair + box



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